You Got This

You and your baby are changing a lot right now. This page contains information and resources to help you navigate the changes you both will likely experience.

Some of the information is general, and some of it deals with special situations. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your child is to know that you are strong and capable of what’s in front of you.

No matter how many birth stories you’ve heard, yours is unique to you and your little one. We’re so excited to partner with you on your special journey.

Preparing for delivery

Our Family Birth Place offers a free guide called "Preparing for your baby's delivery." We also have several classes for every stage of your pregnancy.

Nutrition during pregnancy

My Pregnancy Plate is a guide to optimal nutrition during pregnancy.

My Pregnancy Plate

For more nutrition information, visit the Center for Women's Health nutrition counseling website. To speak to one of our dietitians, call 503-418-4500.

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