family birth place

During Your Stay

Home is where the heart is. That’s why we work hard to make the Family Birth Place feel like home as you welcome your baby.

Like you, we want your baby to have the best start in life. There’s a lot to learn right after baby comes, but our team is here to help you each step of the way.

Bonding with your baby

From the first moments after you deliver your baby, you two are an important team. We encourage you to spend intimate time together to encourage your bond and help your baby feel secure.

Babies who get immediate skin-to-skin time with their moms breathe easier and relax sooner from the stress of birth. This close contact also encourages your milk to come in and improves the success of breastfeeding.

Throughout your stay, we practice family-centered care. We encourage parents and babies to remain together in your suite for the entire hospital stay. If your baby needs to be taken to the nursery for special care, you and/or your partner are welcome to accompany your baby.

Nourishing mom and baby

Growing and delivering a baby is hard work! Our food services team provides room service style meals during the day — and your support person can order food too.

Being born is also a lot of work. Your baby depends on you for nourishment. We encourage you to breastfeed if possible, and our lactation team will help you and your baby get off to a good start. Learn more about our breastfeeding support program.

Care while you both recover

Your OB/GYN provider will make sure you’re recovering well after you give birth. Your nursing team will help you learn how to support your body in recovery.

If your chosen pediatrician practices at our hospital, they’ll visit your baby for a checkup during your stay. If they don’t practice here, or if you haven’t chosen a pediatrician yet, our hospital baby specialist will check your baby. A hearing specialist will also check your baby’s hearing.

If you picked a pediatric provider that comes to Adventist Health Portland, your baby will be seen by this provider while you are in the hospital, and after you go home. If the pediatric provider you chose does not come to Adventist Health Portland, while you are in the hospital one of our OHSU pediatric providers will care for your baby until you go home. They will also assist you in choosing a pediatric provider close to your home for follow up newborn care.

Heading home

Before you leave, we are happy to help you take care of important paperwork for your baby, including:

  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security Number request
  • Recognition of paternity (if needed)

We encourage you to make your baby’s first pediatrician appointment before you leave. You’ll also need to have a rear-facing baby car seat in order to head home.