infusion services

Planning Your Infusion Visit

You may be wondering what to expect during your first infusion visit. We’ve put together some information that answers the most common questions we hear. You can always call us at 503-261-6631 with additional questions.

What to expect

Your custom treatment plan will decide the length of your infusion visit. Time varies based on the medication you’re receiving.

Checking in can take a little time, so please be patient. We will be reviewing your lab results and provider’s orders before we begin your infusion. This is for your safety.

During your infusion visit, you’ll be able to move around and use the bathroom. You’ll have an IV pole that moves with you.

Our infusion team carefully monitors your session. We are happy to answer your questions anytime. That’s what we’re here for!

How to contact us

  • To make or change appointments: Please call scheduling at 503-251-6137.
  • To reach the infusion department directly: Please call 503-261-6631 if you have questions or before your appointment if you have any signs or symptoms of cold, flu or COVID-19 or if you have a known exposure to COVID-19.

What to bring

Medication and treatments

Be sure to bring any medications and treatments (like oxygen) you would normally use during the time when your infusion is scheduled. For each appointment, please bring a complete list of all the medications and supplements you take.

Snacks and drinks

Infusion on an empty stomach can make you feel poorly during your appointment. Feel free to eat before you come.

Your infusion may be scheduled to last awhile. You’re welcome to bring snacks and drinks with you or stop by the Garden Café (on the lower level of the medical center) or Ozzie’s (in the Pavilion) on our campus before your appointment. Because many patients are sensitive to smells, please choose foods without strong odors.


Think of infusion time as rest and relaxation time! Bring a book, magazine or favorite portable hobby (knitting, crossword puzzles, etc.).

You’ll have free Wi-Fi in the infusion room. You’re welcome to bring your portable electronic devices with you. Because sound carries, please use headphones and keep your phone on silent or vibrate mode.

What not to bring

Fragrances and latex

Many of our patients are especially sensitive to strong odors. Please leave fragrances, scented lotion and strong-smelling foods at home.

We also strive to offer a low-latex environment.

Friends and family

Our infusion spaces are designed around you but have limited space. Visitors are only allowed when required for patient care, such as providing translation or helping with vision or hearing impairment.