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Cancer Care in Portland

Cancer treatment at Adventist Health Portland

Adventist Health Portland’s cancer care services offer more than advanced cancer treatment technologies and the best treatments available for your specific type of cancer.

We believe you deserve cancer care as unique as you are, delivered close to home right here in Portland. We care about you as a whole person — body, mind and spirit — and provide compassion combined with medical excellence through every step of your cancer treatment.

Putting compassion into cancer care

Our caring and dedicated team of cancer care specialists includes surgeons, radiologists and interventional radiologists, radiation oncologists, hospitalists and pathologists. Our cancer care nurse navigator helps to coordinate your care with other team members as well, including registered nurses specially certified in cancer care, social workers, oncology dieticians and physical therapists.

We also work with specialty oncologists at both OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute and Compass Oncology in Portland to bring you the broadest range of evidence-based cancer care. Through our partnerships, we are able to provide personalized care for all major cancers right here on our southeast Portland campus.

Adventist Health’s cancer care team is here for you whether you are newly diagnosed with cancer, are a cancer survivor, have concerns about a follow-up plan, or care about someone who has or has had cancer. We combine the latest technology with compassionate whole-person care to offer you the best opportunity for cancer-free living.

commission on cancer accreditation

Quality you can have faith in

Adventist Health’s cancer care program has been an accredited Community Cancer Program for more than 30 years.

This “stamp of approval” comes from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer after careful on-site review of our many cancer services. The commission’s goal is to make sure what we’re doing for our patients meets — or even exceeds — national standards.

We take pride in knowing this approval demonstrates our focus on excellent, coordinated and patient-centered care.

You can learn more about today’s best recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of most cancer types at the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

What cancer really is

Just the word “cancer” comes loaded with a lot of worry and fear. That’s natural.

We are happy to listen and to reassure and guide you through your treatment plan and on to better health. We’re in the business of helping people survive cancer!

Cancer isn’t just one disease — in fact, there are many types of cancer.

Cancer can start in different places in the body. Some of the most common include the breast, prostate, lung, colon and skin. Cancer can also form in the blood and lymph nodes.

Wherever it starts, cancer is a disease in which normal cells begin to grow out of control, making abnormal cells that don’t die off. Instead, they make still more abnormal cells, which may or may not form a mass or lump.

These abnormal cells can crowd out normal cells if left untreated. In addition to causing problems where the cancer originally forms, these abnormal cells can spread, or “metastasize,” to other parts of the body.

Some cancers are more likely to spread and grow. How we treat cancer is as tailored to the type and location of the disease as it is to your specific health situation. Today there are more treatment options than ever before — for cancer that stays in place and for cancer that spreads.

As worrisome as a lump may be, remember not all lumps are cancer. What matters most is to check in with your healthcare provider anytime you notice a change or have a concern. He or she will help you decide if testing or treatment is needed. Because early treatment is often the most effective, the earlier the better for having a lump checked.

Whole-person care every step of the way

At Adventist Health, you’re walking into a healing community. Here you can be sure you’ll receive specialized care that goes beyond the physical. We care about you — all of you — including your mind and spirit.

We understand that cancer isn’t just about your body. It’s about your life. That’s why our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Do you have cancer-related questions? Please feel free to make the first steps of your journey by our cancer care nurse navigator. Just call (503) 261-6676.


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