Patient Financial Services

Health insurance and hospital bills can seem really confusing. Our patient financial services team is here to help.

Clinic billing vs. hospital billing

Due to certain regulations, we have to keep the billing of our clinics separate from hospital services. If you're a patient at one of our primary care or specialist clinics, your visits and services like labs at the clinic are handled by the clinic business office.

For hospital services like emergency room visits, surgeries, medical imaging and lab work, you will receive a bill from the hospital patient business office for hospital services. Most providers will bill you separately, so expect to receive more than one bill for your hospital stay. These additional bills might include:

  • The provider performing your main procedure/surgery.
  • The radiologist reading your medical imaging.
  • The anesthesiologist who cares for you during surgery.

Health insurance

Both the clinic and hospital business offices can submit an insurance claim for you if we are in your health insurance plan's network. Learn more about which health insurance plans are contracted with us.

We will keep you informed of your insurance payments. You are responsible for co-pays, your deductible and any remaining balance your insurance requires you to pay.


It's important to make a plan about how to pay your hospital charges. Please contact us as soon as you receive your bill and let us know if you're having trouble paying it. Our financial counselors can work with you best if they can start the process before your account goes to collections.

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If you have questions or concerns, please call a financial counselor at 503-251-6113 (hospital) or 503-261-6095 (clinics).