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Heart Patient Testimonials

Charlene, Walla Walla, WA

Charlene's physician referred her to Dr. Titus, a cardiologist in Walla Walla, WA who determined that she needed valve replacement surgery. A simple phone call to Dr. Thomas Molloy in Portland, OR led to a prompt evaluation and then heart surgery. Dr. Molloy was able to perform a minimally-invasive robotic heart surgery which helped Charlene return home from the hospital more quickly than a standard open heart procedure.

As Charlene heads home to Walla Walla she can rest easy knowing that the coordination of care from the Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular will be there for her follow-up and future care.

Lewis Coleman, Portland, OR

Lewis Coleman chose Dr. Thomas Molloy and Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular for his robotic heart surgery. Today his quality of life has drastically improved and he credits Dr. Molloy and his team for that change.

Lewis chose Dr. Tom Molloy and the Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular because they took the time to listen to him, discuss his concerns and advise him on the best course of treatment. In the end Lewis and Dr. Molloy chose robotic heart surgery because of the benefits of the minimally invasive approach.

Just a few days after surgery Lewis was feeling much better than before the surgery. Today he is headed back to work and is feeling 20 years younger.

Wesley Rogers, Portland, OR

When Wesley Rogers' heart stopped it was the quick action from the first responders and the coordination of care with the Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular at Adventist Medical Center that saved his life.

In a cardiac emergency every minute counts and dialing 9-1-1 is the quickest way to get help.

Learn more at http://nwregionalheart.com/healthy-hearts

Without warning, Wesley's heart stopped while he was at work. By calling 9-1-1 immediately his coworkers quickly got him the help he needed. It was the action of the first responders and the coordinated care of the Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular that saved Wesley's life.

Both Wesley and his doctors stress the importance of dialing 9-1-1 right away during a cardiac event. This is the quickest way to get help and the best chance at saving valuable heart muscle.

Blair Gammon, Portland, Or

"As a pilot being in optimal health is very important to me. That's why when it came to my heart I chose the Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular at Adventist Medical Center."

Barbara Wells, Happy Valley, OR

When Barbara Wells had trouble breathing she came to Adventist Medical Center. Her doctors quickly determined that the problem was with her heart. After deciding that she would need heart surgery she discussed the option of robotic-assisted surgery with Dr. Tom Molloy of Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular. Together they decided that robotic surgery was the best option in her case. Dr. Molloy has performed more than 3400 open heart procedures and regularly performs robotic-assisted minimally invasive hear surgery.

Barbara loves to tell people that she had heart surgery on Tuesday and was home and feeling much better by Thursday. Barbara has been so happy with her treatment that she decided to become a volunteer at Adventist Medical Center. Today it's common to see her smiling face walking the halls of the hospital providing assistance to our other patients.