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    Save the ER for Emergencies

    Reminder: The ER is for medical emergencies. Please do not come to the ER for COVID-19 testing if you have no or mild symptoms. Please contact your primary care or urgent care clinic for a video visit and referral for testing.

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    Schedule Your Booster

    Get your COVID-19 vaccine or booster by appointment in the OHSU Health retail pharmacy on our main campus in southeast Portland. Anyone with ID can get the vaccine and booster for free. You can also go online to find additional OHSU Health pharmacies.

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    The flu shot: What is it and why do I need one every year?

    As we enter another fall and winter amidst COVID-19, it’s important not to forget the vaccine that comes around each year: the flu shot.

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    Finding His Own Way

    Facing open-heart mitral valve replacement, Jeff Rawlins’ personal research led him to one of the nation's top heart surgeons, Dr. Thomas Molloy, at Northwest Regional Heart & Vascular. Dr. Molloy was able to repair instead of replace Jeff's valve using robotic minimally invasive surgery.

  • A letter to the front lines

    The past year has been one of separation and loss. COVID-19 has taken our livelihoods, our sense of security and our loved ones. Frontline workers have put their lives at risk on a daily basis. And we want to say thank you—Thank you for showing strength in the face of despair. Thank you for giving us care and hope for a better tomorrow. To healthcare workers everywhere: You are heroes, and we are forever grateful.

Spreading health & wellness to our community

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At Adventist Health Portland, our mission is to live God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. We pursue this mission by providing our community with comprehensive and effective healthcare services that address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns. Provided by the region’s leading physicians, nurses, surgeons, therapists and other medical professionals, our health services treat you as a whole, going beyond your surface-level symptoms. Whether you are seeking care in our emergency room, our Family Birth Place, or one of our many specialty care clinics, you can trust that Adventist Health Portland will be by your side every step of the way to ensure your health and well-being.