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Sleep Services in Portland

Comprehensive sleep care for a better night’s sleep

At the Adventist Health Sleep Clinic, we strive to offer patients comprehensive and integrated management of their sleep disorders in an efficient and timely manner. We evaluate and manage patients in the Sleep Clinic and sleep testing is done in our sleep disorders lab conveniently located in Adventist Health Portland across the street.

Our services to better serve the patient and providers include:

  • Evaluating and treating all sleep disorders including sleep apnea, complex sleep disorders, insomnia, parasomnias, sleep related movement disorders, hypersomnia, narcolepsy and circadian rhythm disorders
  • Completing sleep evaluation and all ongoing follow-up care as necessary
  • Accepting most insurances including private payers, Medicare and Medicaid
  • Performing all insurance prior authorizations for sleep studies and equipment
  • Completing evaluations for commercial driver’s license and perioperative testing, including bariatric, cardiothoracic and other surgeries
  • Coordinating and scheduling inpatient and home sleep tests at our Sleep Disorders Center lab

Call (503) 261-4475 for an appointment at our sleep clinic.

Sleep Disorders Center

The Sleep Disorders Center is fully equipped to handle the most challenging cases and is also located on the Adventist Health campus. The center is an American Academy of Sleep Medicine-accredited sleep testing lab with certified sleep technicians. Our sleep test lab is managed by an experienced sleep manager and we strive to maintain the highest standards for all our sleep testing.

All sleep studies are interpreted by our board-certified sleep physicians and patients are notified of their results and next steps soon after completing the sleep testing.

Additional sleep services include:

  • Durable medical equipment services offered in the Sleep Clinic with respiratory therapists available to ease the process of equipment set up, mask fitting and downloads
  • A behavioral sleep medicine psychologist practices in the Sleep Clinic as part of the treatment we offer our patients
  • The Sleep Clinic has a close relationship with Adventist Health Portland’s Lung Clinic, which is located in the same building and offers a team of experienced and respected pulmonologists to consult on challenging sleep cases for patients with pulmonary disease
  • Direct referral to sleep dental physicians for patients who benefit from oral appliances


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