Individual Counseling Services at Adventist Health Portland

You are more than just your body. Your health care should reflect that.
That’s why Adventist Health Portland provides individual counseling services integrated in many of our primary care clinics.

When you come to us, you get an integrated team offering comprehensive
health care that treats your mind, body and spirit. Our counselors are certified and experienced in many aspects of mental and emotional health. You
can rest easier knowing an entire team is working with you to help you live your best life.

To schedule an initial appointment, please ask your Adventist Health primary care provider to connect you with a counselor at one of the clinics below. Appointments are available Monday through Friday.

Adventist Health Primary Care - Clackamas
Tel: 503-659-0880
Colleen Freeman, LCSW

Adventist Health Primary Care - Damascus
Tel: 503-658-5521
Margaret Mahlik, LCSW

Adventist Health Primary Care - Gresham Station
Tel: 503-661-3439
Kaysey Crump, LCSW

Adventist Health Primary Care - Parkrose
Tel: 503-408-7010
Jenna Lander, LCSW

Adventist Health Primary Care - Portland
Tel: 503-255-2186
Abby Griffith, LCSW

Adventist Health Primary Care - Sandy
Tel: 503-668-8002
Jennie Vernier-Sullivan, LCSW