Speech-Language Providers

Amy Burkard, MS, CCC-SLPAmy Burkard, MS, CCC-SLP

Amy Burkard’s professional mission is to help patients achieve their individual goals. Her specialties include assessing and treating voice and swallowing disorders, as well as communication and cognitive problems that come from stroke or other nervous system injuries or disease.

Amy is a veteran speech-language pathologist with nearly three decades of experience. She’s been part of the Adventist Health team for 15 years. Her early training took place in the San Francisco Bay Area in hospital and acute rehabilitation settings. Her work has included residential brain injury recovery, outpatient rehabilitation and providing treatment in skilled nursing facilities.

Jessica O’Neill, MA, CCC-SLPJessica O’Neill, MA, CCC-SLP

Jessica O’Neill specializes in swallowing problems, speech, language and cognitive retraining. She treats people in the hospital and in an outpatient setting. She helps adults who are coping with a variety of issues, including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, head and neck cancer, and traumatic brain injuries.

Jessica received her master’s degree from Western Washington University and became a speech-language pathologist in 2003. She’s been part of Adventist Health’s speech-language team since 2004.

Kate Cox, MS, CCC-SLP

Kate Cox came to Adventist Health as a speech-language pathologist in 2015. Because she previously worked in homeless services and continues to have a special heart for bringing speech-language services to these vulnerable people. She received her Master of Science in speech and hearing sciences from Portland State University in 2013.