Audiology Services

Exams, screenings & advanced treatment options

Your ears are important not only for hearing but also for balance. As such an important part of the body, your ears require comprehensive care and treatment should an issue arise.

The audiology services at Adventist Health Portland can help diagnose ear conditions and provide prompt and effective treatment. Our professional and certified audiologists bring a wealth of experience to our facility and use advanced technologies and tools to care for your ears.

Our audiology services include:

  • Diagnostic hearing exams for ages 5 and up
  • Hearing screenings for OSHA or DOT purposes
  • Infant hearing screenings for babies up to 1 month of age who fail their newborn hearing screening
  • Vestibular exams for patients with dizziness and balance disorders
  • On-site industrial hearing testing for companies who have workers who are exposed to dangerous noise on the job

These services are available to patients of all ages. Whether your hearing problem is the aftermath of a different illness or injury or you are experiencing this problem separately from any other condition, our team has the experience and resources to treat it properly.

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