during your stay

Birthing Suites

Your private everything suite

Moving is never fun. That’s even more true when you’re in the hospital. The birth suites at the Family Birth Place are your home away from home for your entire stay — during labor and delivery and through your recovery. You and your partner or support person can settle in and stay until you and your baby are heading home.

These elegant birthing suites provide a safe, peaceful and homelike atmosphere for your birth experience. We want you to feel comfortable so you can relax and enjoy the special moments you and your family will share while you’re here.

Your private, beautifully decorated suite includes many perks, including:

  • Private shower/bath with Jacuzzi tub (great for labor!).
  • Birthing balls, stools and squat bars to encourage comfort and movement during labor.
  • Wireless fetal monitoring to make it easier to move during labor.
  • Refrigerator and television
  • Daybed for your partner or support person.

Rooming in as a family

These first hours with your baby are priceless. To make sure you have time to bond as a family, we encourage time together at every opportunity.

Birth and bonding: After birth, your baby will be put on your chest, skin-to-skin. This helps your baby to stay warm, breathe well, and relax from the stress of birth. They even cry less! We will encourage you to hold your baby skin-to-skin for at least an hour or until after the first feeding is completed.

Rooming in: Keeping your baby in your room allows you to get to know your baby before you go home. For breastfeeding babies, this closeness allows for frequent feedings and helps mom’s milk to come in. We encourage parents and babies to remain together for the entire hospital stay. If your baby needs to be taken to the nursery, you and/or your partner are welcome to accompany your baby.

If your baby should need additional care or support after delivery, our teleNICU (neonatal intensive care unit) service will monitor your baby. Our trained staff will stabilize your baby and safely transport him/her to the Doernbecher NICU if necessary.

Helping your baby sleep safely: Safe sleep for babies is ALWAYS on their backs, in their own firm crib (no couches or pillows). Your room will include a small crib for your newborn. If you are sleepy or feeling unsteady, whether at home or at the hospital, do not put your baby in bed with you; instead, put him/her in the crib so they stay safe.

To schedule a tour of the Family Birth Place, call 503-251-6324. Virtual tours are available when in-person visits are restricted.