Chemotherapy in Portland

An effective cancer treatment method

Adventist Health Portland’s cancer care team offers a range of cancer treatments. If needed, chemotherapy is customized for you based on your type of cancer and its “stage” — how much cancer you have and where.

Chemotherapy may be used to shrink tumors before surgery or radiation, to help kill off any remaining cancer cells after surgery or radiation, or in combination with other cancer treatments. The goal of chemotherapy is to provide the most effective treatment with the least harm or side effects for you.

Sometimes chemotherapy is used if cancer returns or if cancer has become resistant to another cancer medication.

Other important cancer treatments may include surgery, radiation and/or interventional procedures, depending on what treatment plan is considered best for your unique situation.

Chemotherapy treatments are usually scheduled in advance. Your treatments are provided safely and comfortably by specially trained registered nurses, under a physician’s immediate supervision, in an outpatient cancer clinic. Both OHSU/Knight and Compass Oncology have comfortable clinics on the main southeast Portland campus of Adventist Health.

In rare cases, cancer is diagnosed suddenly and you need urgent treatment in the hospital. Adventist Health offers inpatient chemotherapy by chemotherapy-certified registered nurses under the supervision of the prescribing medical oncologist and the hospitalist physician.