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3D Mammography

Understanding Mammograms

Mammograms help save lives

Annual mammograms are an essential part of early detection for women over 40 with an average risk of breast cancer, or women over 30 if they have a family history of breast cancer. With early detection and treatment, the five-year breast cancer survival rate is almost 100 percent. Adventist Health Tillamook offers screening and diagnostic mammograms using highly accurate and low-radiation 3D technology.

Screening mammograms

  • A routine, yearly exam evaluating the entire breast.
  • A quick, 20-minute appointment.
  • Insurance covers 100% of the cost in most cases.

Diagnostic mammograms

  • One-hour appointment ordered as a follow-up to a screening mammogram.
  • Focused exam to collect more images and evaluate areas of concern.
  • Cost varies according to your insurance coverage.
  • Results discussed immediately at the appointment.

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Common questions

Q: How do I prepare for my mammogram?

A: Minimize the discomfort during mammography by scheduling your appointment for the week after your period when breasts are less tender. Avoid deodorants or powders before your exam. These can cause a false positive reading on your mammogram. Wear a comfortable two-piece outfit so that you only must remove your top and bra for the examination. Notify your doctor and mammography technologist if you might be pregnant. Please notify the Diagnostic Imaging department at Adventist Health Tillamook if you have prior mammogram results or images.

Q: What happens during my exam?

A: A staff member will give you a gown and then escort you to a private room to remove your clothing and jewelry from the waist up. The technologist will explain the procedure, which uses very low levels of radiation to view inside the breast. You will stand near the imaging machine then the technologist will assist you in positioning your breast on the plastic plate. Once positioned, you will then control the amount of pressure on your breast to scan. It will be a little uncomfortable, but compression is important to obtain the best possible image. The technologist will ask you to hold very still while the machine takes the images.

Q: What about my results?

A: This depends on the type of mammogram. Our skilled radiologist will interpret each mammogram, regardless of type. Our staff will send a copy of the screening mammogram report to you and your doctor with a letter explaining the results within approximately one week. For diagnostic mammograms, we will discuss the results with you during the appointment.