At this time, due to pandemic considerations, all active hospital volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 and wear a mask while on duty. Fully vaccinated is defined as: 1) both initial and booster shots of Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine; OR 2) one shot of Johnson & Johnson vaccine; PLUS 2 weeks to allow fullest possible immune levels. If you have not yet received a covid-19 vaccine, you will be eligible to receive one from the hospital as your volunteer application is fully processed. Because these vaccines are not yet approved for people under age 18, we are not yet able to welcome teen volunteer applications. Please also note that some patient care areas of the hospital remain suspended for volunteer services at this time.

At Adventist Health Tillamook, adult and teen volunteers provide unlimited and valuable resources to our staff by delivering a wide assortment of services throughout the hospital and clinics. In offering their time and talent, volunteers enhance the high quality of care that we provide to our patients and guests.

We are truly grateful for our dedicated volunteers. Our desire is to provide volunteers with a supportive and caring environment where they can learn and thrive. We match volunteers based on their interest, skills and available positions. They provide assistance to a myriad of departments, but not limited to:

  • Outpatient therapy services
  • Outpatient surgery liaison
  • Volunteer support for departments and clinics
  • Patient and Family Advisory Council
  • Special projects and tasks

Although we don’t have a job placement program, we feel that your experience while volunteering will reflect the type of employee you may be. Many of our adult and teen volunteers are directly hired by our departments for their excellent volunteer performance.

Volunteers must be 14 to 90 plus and speak fluent English. Upon acceptance to the program, volunteers are provided with a general orientation, service-specific orientation and training and benefits. As you go through the initial steps in becoming a volunteer, we hope that your orientation and training will be an inspiration to you as you follow in the footsteps of many wonder volunteers.

The first step in becoming a volunteer is to complete the online application.

For more information call: 503-815-2272