Virtual visits

Illness and routine exams from home

Your health has never been more important, or convenient to manage from anywhere. Adventist Health Tillamook offers virtual appointments with your provider. Just call your Adventist Health medical office to arrange a virtual visit. Our staff are happy to help you schedule your appointment and answer all your questions.

We are here to make this easy for you!

How virtual visits work

You can visit your doctor or nurse practitioner using a phone, tablet or computer from the comfort of your home. These visits use technology that keeps your personal information and your visit secure and private.

During your visit, your provider can:

  • Manage your chronic conditions
  • Review and prescribe medication
  • Screen you for coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms
  • Evaluate other illness symptoms
  • Plan follow-up care

Getting ready for your virtual visit

When you schedule your visit, our staff will help you decide whether a video or phone appointment works the best for you. We hold our video visits using MyAdventistHealth. Many Adventist Health patients are already familiar with this easy-to-use system where you can check your appointments, review your test results, request refills for your medications and more. Now you can also use MyAdventistHealth for video visits with your doctor or nurse practitioner.

You can download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. If you don’t have a MyAdventistHealth account yet, just let us know. We are happy to help you set it up.

Before your visit

Make sure you have MyAdventistHealth available on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You’ll also need a camera, microphone and speakers. If you don’t have these items, let your clinic office know.

Also let us know if you need an interpreter. Either way, we will walk you through step by step how to connect for your virtual visit.

On the day of your visit

Collect health information you track, such as blood pressure, weight, what you’re eating and drinking, and previous imaging and test results. It may be helpful to have your pill bottles close by during your visit.

If you need physical symptoms checked, your provider may have a registered nurse visit you in person, wearing full protective coverings to make sure you’re safe.

About 20 minutes before your appointment, open the link or app you are using for the visit. When your doctor or nurse practitioner is ready, your visit will begin.

After your visit

Your provider will provide a summary of your visit. If you need to have an in-person visit with your provider or a specialist, we will call to get you scheduled.