Advance Directive

Your right to actively participate in decisions regarding your healthcare program, including decisions regarding the right to refuse life-sustaining treatment, is important to our medical center and medical staff.

Your doctors will tell you about treatments they recommend for your care. You have the right to decide which treatments you want. You can say “no” to treatments you don’t want. You can even say “no” to treatment that might keep you alive longer. And you can specify in advance, through written documents called Advance Directives, your wishes about end-of-life care in the event you are too ill or hurt to make those wishes known.

Now is the time to think about important issues regarding your future healthcare, while you are still able to make decisions and have time to talk about them with others. When you are admitted to our hospital, you will receive information about Advance Directives. If you have already completed this document, please make sure we have a copy on file so we can be sure to honor your wishes.


  • The American Hospital Association offers a web resource with easy-to-use, helpful information on advanced directives called Put It In Writing. The website is in both Spanish and English.
  • POLST forms (Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) are also available for you to communicate your wishes regarding your care. You may obtain a form from your primary provider or from the website at