Tillamook Emergency Ambulance Membership (TEAM)

For about 16 cents per day, $60 per year, you and your family can be covered by the Adventist Heath Tillamook Ambulance membership program. This program provides emergency ambulance service to you and your family and guarantees no additional out-of-pocket expenses; we accept your insurance as payment in full.

EMTs and paramedics are on duty around the clock to provide you with emergency care and transportation. Our ambulances are strategically stationed in four locations: Manzanita, Garibaldi, Tillamook and Pacific City.

Why should I become a member?

With TEAM, no matter how many medical emergencies you have, your annual out-of-pocket expense is only $60. Consider this: an average ambulance transport costs $3,000, and even with most insurance plans you pay over $600 out-of-pocket. Transport to Portland for more advanced care costs well over $5,000, of which you would be responsible for over $1,000. TEAM means no ambulance costs beyond the $60 membership fee.

Is this a wise choice if I am on a fixed income?

The TEAM membership program is especially important for persons on a fixed income who otherwise might have to absorb the portion of the bill not covered by Medicare or other commercial insurance plans. Even Medicare supplemental policies and standard health insurance policies often pay only a portion of a transport bill.

What are the benefits of the TEAM membership?

Membership in the TEAM program provides two benefits:

  • It eliminates your out-of-pocket expenses for ambulance services, making it affordable for everyone.
  • Every dollar of your membership fee goes right back into the emergency medical services in our community. This enables us to enhance the benefits for the community by providing training for paramedics and EMTs. It also allows us to acquire state-of-the-art emergency medical equipment as needed.

Is the TEAM program an insurance policy?

The TEAM program is not an insurance policy. It is a membership program offered by Adventist Health Tillamook Ambulance. The program reduces out-of-pocket expenses for ambulance services by accepting the member's insurance as payment in full.

If the member does not have medical insurance, the TEAM membership will pay 20 percent of the total bill. The member will be responsible for the other 80 percent.

What is included in ambulance services?

The covered services include:

  • Emergency treatment
  • Evaluation and first aid, if not transported to Adventist Health Tillamook
  • Prehospital emergency care and treatment for injuries and illnesses
  • Ambulance transportation to the closest appropriate medical facility
  • Supplies/medications used in the course of providing for a patient’s treatment

How do I access an ambulance?

Call 9-1-1 for emergency ambulance transports. The closest available ambulance will be dispatched to your location to serve you.

What if I need transportation between hospitals?

Medically necessary and pre-approved transports from one facility to another are covered by the TEAM membership. For example, if you are a patient at Adventist Health Tillamook and you require medical care at a Portland-area hospital, transportation charges would be covered. On the other hand, if you simply wanted to be transported to a Portland-area hospital to be closer to your family, this would not be covered by your membership.

What if I need to use an ambulance outside of Tillamook County?

In partnership with FireMed, TEAM now offers the same coverage in many parts of Oregon that you enjoy in Tillamook County. For more information, visit

To apply for TEAM membership, print and mail the TEAM Application.

In case of emergency, call 9-1-1. For more information about TEAM, call (503) 815-2257.