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Salary & Benefits

Compensation packages are updated each year on January 1.

The total annual compensation package includes all bonuses, reimbursements, incentives for boards and other materials. Medical license and board exam reimbursement varies by specialty.


Residents are eligible for medical, dental, vision, long-term disability, accidental death and dismemberment benefits offered through Adventist Health Tulare. Plans are not bundled and are available on a voluntary basis which also includes benefits for residents’ families.



Annual Financial Support

Bi-Weekly Financial Support










Chief Residents Bonus

$1,000.00 each

Resident salaries are reviewed annually by the Graduate Medical Education Committee, GMEC.

Additional Benefits

Resident benefits also include:

  • Meals — Meals are available in the hospital cafeteria, as well as in the resident lounges for night float residents
  • Discretionary Educational Fund - The Discretionary Educational Fund (DEF) is an annual educational stipend for residents to enhance their training experiences as they prepare for an independent practice of medicine.

All Residents have $1,500.00 in CME allowance per academic year. CME activities are defined as those that contribute to the knowledge base of the Resident for the practice of Family Medicine. CME activities are accepted according to the discretion of the Program. All Discretionary Fund requests must be approved by GME administrator/Director at AHHF.

  • Board Fees, Licenses and Dues - All Residents have $1,500.00 in Board Fees, Licenses and Dues allowance per academic year. This category covers those expenses required by Hospitals Medical Staff or State/Federal entities for Licenses and Dues in order to practice medicine. Licenses and Dues reimbursements are accepted according to the discretion of the Program. All Licenses and Dues requests must be approved by GME administrator/Director at AHHF.
  • Education benefits: BLS, ACLS, PALS, ALSO and Nexplanon certification courses are provided for all residents. Residents have also access to institution wide Up-To-Date account.
  • Residents have remote desktop access that allows residents to access EMR from home
  • Paid vacation: 3-4 weeks per year, based on sponsoring institution’s policy.

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