The places you live, work and play have a direct impact on well-being. Adventist Health’s commitment to improve well-being grew out of our mission to live God’s love and from the needs we see in the communities we serve. While diseases of despair continue to escalate, Adventist Health is presented with the opportunity to bring healthcare, philanthropy, public health, human services, government, community members and business owners together to foster a path to more well-being.

Blue Zones

Adventist Health has acquired Blue Zones, a pioneer in taking a systemic and environmental approach to improving the health of entire cities and communities. Blue Zones focuses on helping impact communities where people live, work, and play to infuse healthy choices, enhance connections, instill purpose, and fuel hope. Rather than relying solely on individual behavior change, Blue Zones focuses on optimizing environments to improve health by design.

Blue Zones Well-Being Institute

Blue Zones Well-Being Institute is a think tank that activates evidence-informed transformations for individuals, organizations and communities. The mission of Blue Zones Well-Being Institute is to develop innovations that empower everyone, everywhere to live longer and better lives. This institute is an incubator and accelerator for evidence-based policy, research, training, and product design concepts for well-being.

Blue Zone Well-Being Institute brings multiple stakeholders to the table to produce positive outcomes for our society. Collaborators include businesses, clinical experts, health and community service programs and government.

Blue Zones Center

Blue Zones Center ExamAdventist Health has partnered with Royal Palms Company to create the first-ever Blue Zones Center at the Legacy Tower in the Miami Worldcenter. The joint venture will lease and operate this 10-story, 120,000-square-foot health and well-being center in Downtown Miami as a key step forward in our commitment to leading a 21st century well-being transformation movement that is rooted in our heritage and mission to live God’s love. Our communities will benefit as we learn how to create spaces that foster well-being and build sustainable services around well-being and lifestyle medicine to enhance and extend life.

The Legacy Tower will be the first place, built from the ground up, with a fully integrated well-being and medical center that focuses on keeping people well through a lifestyle approach to medicine and an evidence-based approach to well-being therapies and treatments.

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Starling Community Solutions

By addressing the health and social needs of our most vulnerable community members, Starling Community Solutions strives to improve well-being for all. Starling Community Solutions takes a collaborative approach to help communities solve what matters most using their own unique tools and methods. Blue Zones and Starling Community Solutions partner to transform community well-being, because well-being can be for everyone.