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Rehabilitation Services

Physical, occupational & speech therapy

The road to recovery can take time. Many patients who have been affected by a serious injury or illness are left physically impaired. In order to regain their strength and independence, these patients participate in rehabilitation programs. These are personalized therapy programs where you work one-on-one with rehabilitation specialists to overcome your physical limitations.

There are many different types of rehabilitation programs. Generally, rehabilitation falls under one of these three categories:

  • Physical therapy: In physical therapy, the goal is to help patients regain function and range of motion. Physical therapy is focused on day-to-day living, with therapists helping you learn how to move and function without pain so you can live more comfortable, independent life.
  • Occupational therapy: While similar to physical therapy, occupational therapy takes a more focused approach to recovery. Occupational therapists learn more about your work, hobbies and interests so they can help you return to the activities you value. For example, a pianist with a hand injury can greatly benefit from occupational therapy.
  • Speech therapy: Difficulty with speech serves as a significant roadblock to a person’s growth and development. In speech therapy, highly trained speech language pathologists help you identify the source of your language difficulties and develop strategies to overcome it.

A truly personalized experience

There is no “one-size-fits-all” rehabilitation program. A rehabilitation specialist needs to work closely with you to develop a truly personalized program.

Adventist Health’s rehabilitation team does just that. You will be encouraged to speak up about the most difficult aspects of your condition and what you hope to gain through rehabilitation. Together, you and your physical therapist will come up with goals for recovery. Your therapist will use their knowledge of exercise and diet to create a care plan aimed at helping you meet those goals.

Patients who can benefit from rehabilitation include:

  • Victims of car accidents
  • Patients with broken bones
  • Patients recovering from joint replacement surgery
  • Patients with arthritis and chronic pains
  • Patients with speech disorders
  • Victims of stroke
  • Patients with neurological disorders
  • Patients with chronic illnesses

The above is not an exhaustive list, many people in different circumstances can benefit from rehabilitation. The Adventist Health team is here to help when your doctor recommends rehabilitation services.


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