Pediatric wellness: Keeping your little ones safe and healthy

Keeping your children safe and healthy is the top priority for any parent. What can you do to prepare for a new baby, and what can you expect in those early years? From your baby's first kicks to their well-child visits to their high school sports physicals, we are here for them and we are here for you.

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  • Preparing for the fourth trimester: Picking a pediatrician

    The first 12 weeks after giving birth can be an overwhelming and stressful time. Consider these tips to prepare for the "fourth trimester." Learn how to prepare.

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  • Childhood vaccines: Facts v. fiction

    The internet is full of misinformation about vaccines, including the vaccines your child gets on a regular schedule through their early years. Learn why vaccines are important, as well as the truth behind some common vaccine myths.

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  • Childhood immunization schedule

    Vaccine schedules for children were created based on clinical trials and research, as well as what infections a child is more likely to get at a certain age. View a sample vaccine schedule.

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  • Starting young for healthy smiles and hearts

    Nothing is sweeter than the precious smiles and kind hearts of children. Help them stay bright and beating strong for a lifetime by starting healthy habits early. Our dentist’s tips will help you and your children keep your mouths healthy. And these simple heart-health suggestions, like shopping for heart-healthy snacks, will lower heart and stroke disease risk for your little ones beginning today!

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  • Developmental milestones: What to look for

    What developmental milestones should you look for at each stage of your child's life? Hear from a pediatrician about what to watch for and when.

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  • Find a pediatrician or family care provider

    Whether you’re expecting your first baby, looking for a pediatrician or looking for a care provider for the whole family, you can find an Adventist Health provider near you.

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