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Primary and Specialty Care in the Central Valley

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At Adventist Health, we take pride in providing reliable primary and specialty care services for you and your family. We have health clinics across Central California so you’re never far from the care you need. Our services are designed to provide primary, specialty and surgical care in a comfortable, convenient environment.

We also provide weekend hours to help patients with traditional work schedules. Our centralized appointment scheduling system ensures that our highly-trained clinical staff is there for you no matter which clinic you visit, giving you reliable access to our region's top physicians.

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For more information about our primary care providers and physician network, visit the following pages:

  • Medical Offices – We have more than 40 medical offices in the Central Valley offering general and specialty care services. These offices are mostly located in rural areas and accept Medi-Cal, MediCare and most private insurances.
  • Physicians Network – The Physicians Network is made up of highly-trained care providers in Hanford, Lemoore, Reedley, Selma and Visalia. You can find physicians, pediatricians and surgeons throughout the network. Medicare and most private insurances are accepted at these offices.

Adventist Health Physicians Network is a participant in the Adventist Health Accountable Care, LLC.

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