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Hawaii & West Coast Mental Health Services

Here to help when life gets hard

Life can be tough, but when you need that extra help our mental health services are here for you. If you need our services, we'll do an evaluation and, if needed, prescribe inpatient or outpatient treatment that matches your needs. We provide each person with caring and compassionate support toward living to his or her best abilities. Consult a physician to see how our programs can help teach you skills you need to cope.

When to seek mental health services

There has long been a stigma about mental health services that makes people reluctant to seek help. The misinformation about behavioral and mental health services has been incredibly damaging, and many people who could benefit from this form of care have rejected it out of fear, embarrassment or disbelief this care would help.

Behavioral health is aimed at helping people deal with stresses, behaviors, thoughts and attitudes that hinder a person’s ability to live a rich, full life.

If you experience any or all of the following, you may need mental health care:

  • Recurrent thoughts of death
  • An increase in isolative or withdrawn behavior
  • Significant change in sleeping patterns
  • Overwhelming sadness or loneliness
  • Loss of interest, appetite, motivation
  • Severe anxiety and/or panic attacks
  • Recent changes in medication (with secondary behavioral changes)
  • A recent medical or psychiatric hospitalization
  • Active hallucinations

Mental health problems often start small and snowball into bigger problems. For instance, stress at work can cause someone to become more irritable and anxious in their day-to-day life. If this person does not confront the source of their stress, they can internalize it into feelings of self-loathing and worthlessness. As a result, they often make themselves and people they love suffer.

Stress, anxiety, depression and other difficult feelings are not easy to overcome. You deserve help, and there is no shame in seeking it from a professional.


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