RN Residency Program

Adventist Health White Memorial is committed to helping new grad RNs enjoy greater success through the AHWM RN Residency Program. With a nearly 100-year tradition of patient care, we've combined our decades of successful training and mentoring with the dynamics of the AHWM RN Residency Program to give you access to one of the best RN Residency Programs available today.

The AHWM RN Residency Program fully integrates our already proven practices with innovations in guided clinical experience, custom classroom curriculum, formal mentoring and debriefing and hands-on skill development. As a result, you will achieve more confidence, feel more secure and reach your career goals with far greater ease. This five-months program offers:

  • One-to-one seasoned, unit-based preceptorship
  • Classroom and lab curriculum
  • Individualized rotation and orientation
  • Dedicated mentoring to refine skills
  • Self-care and support groups

The RN New Grad Residency program has two cohorts each year, one in March and one in August. To be considered, you must provide:

  • An online application submitted through our website.

The position will be listed as “New Grad RN Residency (Versant)” at http://www.ahsocalcareers.com/job-search-results/?Location=392046,5,1&. Please note that the position will only be posted for 1 week so please apply during this window. The application for the August 2016 cohort will be posted on April 3, 2016.

  • A completed questionnaire that will be e-mailed to candidates 2 weeks after the online application closes
  • Two letters of reference from a nursing school instructor or former health care manager
  • Essay describing your professional goals for the next five years
  • Unofficial transcript from your school of nursing
  • A professional resume

You must also pass the California Nursing Boards prior to the Residency Program start date.All interested applicants who apply online will prepare a prescreening questionnaire and e-mail it to WMMCRecruitment@ah.org. Additional documents can also be emailed to WMMCRecruitment@ah.org.

Based on the questionnaire, selected candidates will be scheduled for a first round panel interview. Those candidates that successfully pass the panel interview will be scheduled for individual interviews with nursing managers.