COPE Health Solutions Programs

The COPE Health Solutions Programs are a series of educational and experience courses hosted in partnership between COPE Health Solutions and Adventist Health. These programs give high school students, college students, and career changers the opportunity to learn a patient-centered approach to care, advance their professional school candidacy, build a foundation for their careers, and begin lifelong relationships through the COPE Connect alumni network.

Graduates from these programs learn more about Adventist Health’s mission and values and obtain necessary skills, knowledge, and recognized health care industry qualifications.

COPE Program

Medical Assistant Program

Medical Assistant Program (MAP) Training is a new program (7 months duration) with weekly didactic learning, clinical rotations, and practicum hours, where trainees will earn a certification of completion (Medical Assistant Scholar) from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Executive Programs. The program is for candidates with little to no healthcare experience who, upon the successful completion of the program, are prepared to enter Adventist Health workforce as a fully competent Medical Assistant (MA). The program encompasses 720 total training hours that include: 430 lecture hours, 90 lab hours, and 200 practicum hours.

What you need to know about the program:

  • Introductory patient-care training and progressive rotations to build empathy and patient interaction skills
  • Prepares graduates for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant exam pre-accreditation, and CMA exam post-accreditation
  • Co-design approach with Adventist Health that centers on the spirit of humanistic collaboration
  • Clinical practicum under supervision / mentorship of a certified MA, RN, LVN, or MD/DO to ensure the quality protocols and standardization

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Health Scholar Program

Health Scholar program develops core competencies in the four key areas, such as service excellence, leadership & management, rules & regulations, and patient care. The program can be completed in nine (9) or three (3) month time period, offering flexibility, agility, and jobs. The program prepares pre-health college students and college graduates for entry-level hospital and health system jobs in inpatient clinical units, ambulatory settings, and administrative areas at Adventist Health.

What you need to know about the program:

  • Introductory patient-care training and progressive rotations to build empathy and patient interaction skills
  • Builds long-term role pathway that allows students to transition from school or other careers into health care roles
  • Connects Scholar graduates to their career choice aspirations by offering additional training programs, such as Clinical Lab Scientist (CLS), Pharmacist, Licensed RN Scholar, and others
  • Meaningful engagement in support of organizational projects and initiatives to serve the community
  • Experience that sets them apart to professional schools and future employers
  • Focused clinical and administrative rotations

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