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“Adventist Health medical imaging teams touch the lives of over one million patients a year. That’s one million chances to make a difference for those in need of our care. The best part of our team is not the high-tech equipment and innovative solutions, but the caring and compassionate approach towards every patient. I believe the best expression of love is to first practice self-care, so you can help heal others. I fully support the well-being of our teams by ensuring everyone has psychological and physical safety at work. If you want to work with the most caring, compassionate and competent medical imaging professionals, Adventist Health is the place for you. Come and join our team!”

- Ali Sandhu, Adventist Health System Clinical Ancillaries Executive

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Medical imaging specialties

Radiologic Technologist (X-ray Technologist)

Operates X-ray and other imaging equipment to capture images of the internal structures of the body.

MRI Technologist

Specializes in using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment to obtain detailed images of organs and tissues.

CT Technologist

Performs computed tomography (CT) scans to create detailed cross-sectional images of the body.

Ultrasound Technologist (Sonographer)

Uses ultrasound equipment to create images of internal organs and structures.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Administers radioactive materials to patients and uses imaging technology to capture images of the distribution of the radioactive substance in the body.


Specializes in capturing mammography images to screen for breast abnormalities or diagnose breast conditions.

Cardiovascular Technologist

Specializes in imaging the heart and blood vessels using various techniques such as echocardiography or vascular sonography.

Vascular Technologist

Focuses on imaging blood vessels and circulatory systems to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular conditions.

Cardiac Sonographer

Uses ultrasound technology to capture images of the heart's structure and function, assisting in the diagnosis of cardiac conditions.