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Nursing careers

Join our commitment to health, wholeness and hope as a nurse at Adventist Health

As a nurse, you are at the frontline of patient care. At Adventist Health, we value nurses who embody warmth, empathy and clinical excellence.

If you are looking for a workplace where you can build your career while practicing in a patient-centered, caring environment, we invite you to connect with our recruitment team.

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RN careers imageAbout Adventist Health

The mission of Adventist Health inspires us to care for each patient as a whole person—mind, body and spirit. This approach also applies to how we treat our employees. Adventist Health cultivates a work environment where associates feel valued and supported and encourages open communication.

We are committed to the health and wholeness of our communities, and we are seeking registered nurses who share this commitment. If you value servant leadership, a spirit of humility and patient-centered care, Adventist Health is the right fit for you.

Nursing careers at Adventist Health

We know you have choices when you select a workplace. And where you work affects multiple aspects of your life. When you choose Adventist Health, you are choosing:

  • A team united in one mission: As a faith-based workplace, we believe that patient care extends beyond the hospital bed. Whether it’s holding someone’s hand after the loss of a loved one or praying together before surgery, we prioritize empathy and kindness in our interactions.
  • Flexible work options: We have RN openings for full-time, part-time and per diem roles. Many of our nurses appreciate that we have multiple scheduling options, as well as hiring incentives for certain locations and roles.
  • Opportunities for career progression: Whether you are a brand-new nurse or seasoned in your career, we want to help you meet your goals. We offer training programs for new graduates so that you continue learning in a supportive environment. If you are an experienced nurse, you have opportunities to mentor and share your knowledge.
  • Shared governance: We prioritize involving nurses in decision-making. Through shared governance, we have processes for nursing staff and managers to contribute collectively to decisions about patient care, nursing practice and the work environment—all of which culminates in shared leadership.

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