Simi Valley

Stroke Care

Certified Primary Stroke Center in Ventura County

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Residents of Simi Valley, Moorpark and the surrounding communities who experience a stroke have the advantage of a hospital with specialized services for stroke treatment. Adventist Health Simi Valley is certified as a Primary Stroke Center by DNV, affirming the hospital’s readiness to handle a full range of stroke-related medical problems based on standards set forth by the American Stroke Association and the Brain Attack Coalition.

Stroke certification confirms that Adventist Health Simi Valley has the personnel, procedures and facilities to provide outstanding care for stroke patients in a very timely manner. As part of the Ventura County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) stroke network, the county EMS transports local stroke patients directly to Adventist Health Simi Valley for timely care.


Stroke care quality awards

Adventist Health Simi Valley has earned the American Heart Association (AHA)/American Stroke Association (ASA) Get with the Guidelines Stroke Gold Plus Honor Roll Elite Achievement Award for 2023.

Hospitals attaining this prestigious recognition have successfully met the ambitious objective of consistently providing patients with care at the core standard levels established by the AHA and ASA for a minimum of two consecutive calendar years. Furthermore, this award showcases our exemplary dedication to delivering an additional tier of exceptional quality care specifically tailored for diabetic stroke patients.

Proven expertise in stroke care

Adventist Health Simi Valley’s qualifications and capabilities to provide care for stroke patients extend beyond our Primary Stroke Center designation and our awards:

  • Our emergency room nurses and other staff throughout the hospital are specially trained and certified in stroke assessment through the National Institutes of Health. This training provides the skills to identify specific signs of stroke and the effect the stroke has had on the brain. Nurses are required to successfully complete a renewal process for their certification every year.
  • Our stroke program’s medical director and coordinator are required to undergo continuing education annually to stay up-to-date on the latest standards of practice and information about stroke care.
  • Adventist Health Simi Valley must continually demonstrate that we are maintaining the standards that earned us certification from key healthcare governing bodies, including The DNV and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).