child development center

Patient Testimonials


"The Child Development Center at Adventist Health Simi Valley has impacted my family and Olive’s life in the most profound ways! Olive was born 10 weeks early. She weighed 2 lbs and was fighting for her life with a brain bleed. Through the Center, I have gained confidence in my ability to be the mom that Olive deserves. The therapists at the center have shown me what it looks like to advocate for my child and how to handle her unique needs. Since starting PT, OT and speech my daughter has flourished into the best version of herself. From running and chasing after balls to climbing on all my furniture, I feel that I no longer have to worry about her keeping up with her peers. They have taught me incredible tools to use at home to ensure Olive gets the very best care and treatment. They have given Olive more than I ever could have done alone. Not only have the women at Adventist Health Simi Valley stepped up for Olive, they have also stepped up for me being the shoulder for me to cry on when I have felt overwhelmed and defeated. The relationships I have made here are so special to me and I will forever be grateful for these incredible human beings for walking me through the scariest times of my life. Olive would not be where she’s at without them. We are forever indebted."

-Sofia Smith


"George had a rough start. He’s had two open heart surgeries, a brain surgery, a stomach surgery all before the age of 9 months. He was in the hospital for 52 days, came home for two months and then 111 days the second stay. He spent a lot of his first year in the hospital and was really behind on everything. Now at two and a half, thanks to Kathy and Kristie, he’s fully eating by mouth, has gotten rid of his G- Tube (feeding tube), he’s able to walk and is practically running. He’s practically caught up and meeting his milestones. Without these therapists, he wouldn’t be. To see him be so social, so loving and so wonderful with other people and smile is just amazing."

-Melissa Bancroft


"We started our virtual sessions through the CDC when my son was 4 months old. He had been a micro-preemie and spent 95 days in the NICU. Rebecca and Karen helped ease our transition from hospital to home. We learned techniques to assist our son towards gaining strength, and mobility in order to reach milestones. Their knowledge and experience has been such a valuable resource for us as parents - our early sessions helped build our confidence and skills to be able to meet his needs.

Once the center re-opened we were eager to get hands-on therapy. Wyatt is absolutely thriving! He loves going to the center and makes himself right at home there, always being sure to greet every new face. With the help of his therapists he has become very independent at eating and drinking. When we first started our sessions we were assisting him with rolling and now he's walking with ease, and getting faster everyday! It's amazing to see his confidence blossom with every new skill he masters. The advice we receive is very practical and we are able to use it in our daily routines to support his continued growth and development."

-Ashley Kaye