Community Benefit

Adventist Health’s mission statement of Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope is coupled with a vision to transform the health experience of our communities through collaborative programs, community investments and community outreach. We are inspired by the healing ministry as represented by the life of Jesus Christ and believe we are called to live out our mission intentionally in the communities we serve. In the small towns, suburbs and inner cities we serve, we continue our journey to provide quality healthcare until every person made in God’s image has experienced the best health today, hope for tomorrow, and God’s love that endures forever.

kids funAdventist Health Simi Valley created and sponsored the “Healthy Kids Fun Zone” at the annual Moorpark Country Days event. Hospital employees handed out ice packs, first aid kits and band aid dispensers, and provided blood pressure and blood glucose screenings. Kids were also able to participate in activities such as rock wall climbing, trampoline jumping, and other physical activities.

Parents were able to mingle, relax and talk to hospital employees during this event focused on childhood obesity.

In 2020, Adventist Health provided:

  • $68.2 million in free & discounted care

  • $22.7 million in community health improvement

  • $26.4 million in education and research

  • $140.5 million in aid to the poor

  • $313.4 million in aid to the elderly

  • $102 million subsidized community healthcare

  • $673 million total

Community Benefit Reports

We value your input in our Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy.

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You may view electronic copies of current and previous community benefit reports below:

2020 Community Health Plan Update
2020 Community Health Implementation Strategy
2019 Community Health Needs Assessment
2019 Community Health Plan Update/Annual Report
2017 Community Health Plan (Implementation Strategy) & 2016 Update/Annual Report
2016 Community Health Needs Assessment