Simi Valley

Health Equity

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Adventist Health Simi Valley

Our Commitment


At Adventist Health Simi Valley, we embrace each individual’s differences. Patients, staff, visitors and all who come under our roof are welcome, whatever their age, race, color, national origin, disabilities, religion, language, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, socioeconomic status, military status or culture.

We stand behind diversity and inclusion, empowering individuals and providing health equity to all. We are committed to providing personalized, culturally sensitive and equitable healthcare services. Adventist Health Simi Valley does that through our passionate staff working individually and collectively through committees on various programs and initiatives, some outlined below, that benefit our patients, staff and community.

Our Efforts

Collecting Patients' Socio-Demographic Information

Adventist Health Simi Valley provides services to meet the various needs of diverse patient populations. Upon registration our patients will be asked for race, ethnicity and preferred language. Once admitted, questions regarding social history and environmental issues will be inquired to screen for abuse, harm, food security and homelessness. This information is kept confidential and used to help address language barriers, disparities and improve patients’ experiences and outcomes.

Community Integration

As we continue strengthening collaborations in the community and offering essential resources to individuals in need, our Case Management experts work with local non-profit organizations, including the Samaritan Center, Spencer House and Ventura County Rescue Mission.

In Spring 2024, we kicked off a new initiative to support homeless inpatient discharges. The new program, Outfitting Hope, aims to provide clothing before discharge to our homeless and displaced patients. All contributions are donated by staff.