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Ultrasound — also known as sonography — is a noninvasive medical imaging procedure used to diagnose, treat and prevent medical conditions relating to organs or systems in the body.

During an examination, a sonographer or physician uses a small device called a transducer to send out high-frequency ultrasound waves. These harmless sound waves, which contain no radiation, bounce off the surfaces of whatever they hit. The sound reflected back forms an echo, and that echo is turned into a visual representation on a screen.

Our sonographers are registered by the ARDMS

Adventist Health Castle’s ultrasound professionals promote quality care and patient safety through certification and continuing competency. All our sonographers are registered with the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). This means they’ve passed a rigorous examination that tests their knowledge and practical, real-world skills, which take years of training and experience to acquire.

When a sonography professional holds certification from ARDMS, you can rest assured they are dedicated to providing high-quality care and meeting the highest standards. Though this certification isn’t required, we select only sonographers who are certified because this demonstrates how seriously they take their profession.

How will I get my results?

Your results will be forwarded to your ordering physician within 24 hours of your exam. (Please contact your referring physician to learn when you can expect your results from their office.)

You can also access your results through MyAdventistHealth.

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Imaging Services
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