Founded in 1963, Adventist Health Castle’s volunteer services have grown into a dedicated family of friends and community members. These volunteers, ranging in age from teens to seniors, assist our healthcare team in providing quality care for our patients.

Our volunteers provide a wide range of services in both our patient and nonpatient areas. In addition to serving others, many volunteers enjoy the numerous opportunities for socializing with each other.

Adventist Health Castle volunteers typically contribute four or more hours of their time each week. This partnership of caring volunteers and dedicated staff helps us meet both the medical and emotional needs of our patients. Helping others with a warm smile and a generous heart is what our volunteers are all about.

“Volunteering made me feel good. It gave me an opportunity to see what a career in medicine is like. It also led me to a job at Adventist Health Castle. It was a wonderful experience.”

Segard Brown, Adventist Health Castle perioperative aide

If you want to make a difference in other people’s lives, Adventist Health Castle invites you to be an active member of its volunteer service.

By lending a hand, heart and smile, volunteers often help hospital staff bring about some of the miracles that occur in the hospital, from the birth of a baby to the “rebirth” of a stroke patient through rehabilitation.

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