Personalized, compassionate care

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A cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming, but you won’t navigate this journey alone. When you come to Adventist Health Castle for care, we treat you and your loved ones as a member of our family. You will experience advanced care for your body while being supported in every aspect of care through our whole-person approach.

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Cancer care you can trust, from a name you know

Adventist Health Castle has served the windward community with skill and compassion for 60 years. Our oncology program raises the bar on clinical outcomes, patient experience and community outreach. We elevate the standard of care for cancer treatment in our community.

Compassionate, expert treatment

We provide complete, up-to-date and individualized care.

  • Highly-trained oncology professionals
  • Excellent diagnostic capabilities
  • In-depth support for symptoms and side effects
  • Compassionate care for your mind, body and spirit

When you choose oncology services at Adventist Health Castle, you will find the best in medical care paired with personalized, mission-focused care.

Virtual Multidisciplinary Tumor Board

A team of cancer experts, working for you

When you come to Adventist Health Castle, you'll be treated by some of the best cancer experts. Thanks to our virtual tumor board program, your cancer team may include top-notch cancer specialists from around the State.  

Your extended cancer teams

It's hard for one person to stay abreast of every new bit of cancer knowledge and oncology research. The virtual tumor board brings together oncology experts who have a broad spectrum of cancer knowledge. The team meets via videoconference to discuss your case and agree on the best treatment options. This expertise, available from almost every field of oncology, is truly extraordinary.
You can ask your doctor to present your case to the tumor board, or your doctor may choose to bring up your cancer treatment during a scheduled call. We also select patients at random for discussion by the tumor board. There's no charge for this service.
If your case comes before the board, the oncology experts may discuss your:

  • Medical history
  • Treatment history and new options
  • Test results
  • Eligibility for a clinical trial
  • Genetic counseling options
  • Cancer screening program

Every discussion gives your doctor a little more information and a good cancer treatment path to follow.

Clinical Trials

Research brings hope for cures 

Adventist Health Castle works with the University of Hawaii Cancer Center in bringing cancer clinical trials to our facility, and keeps you informed about any clinical trials that might benefit you during your cancer treatment. A clinical trial is a research study involving people to test new ways to prevent, diagnose, treat and manage cancer symptoms. Bringing clinical trials to Adventist Health Castle provides you with access to novel treatments, maintains the highest quality of care and promotes cancer research.

Different types of cancer clinical trials:

  • Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Screening
  • Supportive Care
  • Correlative
  • Healthcare Delivery
  • Diagnostic
  • Quality of Life

Your oncologist will work with researchers to determine if you qualify for a particular trial. Cancer trials are for all stages of cancer prevention and diagnosis and must meet superior cancer care criteria