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Before You Arrive

Pregnancy support in Kailua

You’re pregnant! So what do you do next?

Your first two steps

If you are interested in delivering your baby at Castle, your first step is to visit one of the prenatal care providers on our medical staff for an appointment. Please click on the list of our prenatal care providers to view them.

Also, because you are required to make a follow-up appointment for your baby before you leave the hospital, we strongly encourage you to interview and choose a pediatric provider for your baby’s care before you are even admitted. You can click on a list of our pediatric care providers or a list of our family medicine physicians to view doctors connected with Castle.

Our birthing suites

Castle’s Birth Center features nine suites designed for all four stages of your hospital stay: labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum. Each suite has a view of either the Ko’olau Mountains or of our beautiful garden. Your room is connected to its own large bathroom, equipped with a Jacuzzi tub, and has a couch-bed for your support person, a mini-refrigerator and a storage cupboard for your “baby bag.”

Preparing for your stay

Only your baby will determine the day when you actually deliver, but you can still try to be as prepared as possible for your labor and hospital stay. We recommend attending a childbirth class. Castle offers the four-session Giving Birth: The Castle Experience and the twelve-session Bradley Method, as well as other related classes, including a tour of our Birth Center.

To learn about our classes or to register for a class, please call the Call Center at (808) 263-5400, or just click here.

Tips and expectations

  • Clothing: You will be provided with a hospital gown when you arrive. You are still welcome to labor in your own clothes if you prefer, but please note that they may become soiled.
  • Pillows: Patients often like to bring their own additional pillows for use during labor, as well as for breastfeeding.
  • Additional equipment: We offer birthing balls for our patients, and you are welcome to bring your own. Please note, there is a limited amount of space in each room, and safety equipment always has first priority.


To register for giving birth at Castle, you can open up a copy of our Pre-Admission Form using Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, print it out and mail it in to our facility. Or you can just register at your obstetrician’s office.

If you wish to mail your pre-admission form in to Castle, please send it to:

Admitting and Registration
Adventist Health Castle
640 Ulukahiki Street
Kailua, HI 96734

Labor evaluation (triage)

If your healthcare provider sends you to the Birth Center before your due date, you will most likely be placed in a triage room. Here, a nurse will evaluate your and your baby’s well-being and communicate with your provider about your plan of care.

For information about the signs and symptoms of labor, please read our educational sheet, “Labor Evaluation.”