Nurse Navigators in Sonora

Caring nurses to coordinate your needs

Adventist Health Sonora provides a higher level of patient care with the help of our imaging nurse navigators. The caring nurses serving in this innovative role help to coordinate the clinical, educational and support needs of breast imaging patients and their families.

"Patients can feel like they are drowning in between all of their different tests and treatments," explains Robin Sergent, RN, one of our nurse navigators. "I throw them a life preserver and tell them we are not going to sink. We are going to swim."

Robin's contact with patients begins when they have a "recall," which is when a patient is asked to come back for additional views after a screening mammogram.

Our imaging nurse navigators work collaboratively with our oncology nurse navigator to streamline the referral process and expedite care for patients if the diagnosis is cancer. The nurse navigators are part of a large team including physicians, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, nurses, mammography technologists and other staff who work together to provide the very best care for each and every patient.

This teamwork requires extreme coordination. Our nurse navigators help patients every step of the way.