Sonora X-ray Services

The most common form of diagnostic imaging

Radiography (X-ray) is the oldest and most frequently used form of medical imaging. Since the late 1800s, X-rays have been used to produce diagnostic images of the human body on film. Today, the images can be produced digitally on a computer screen. X-ray imaging provides a rapid method of evaluating the body, especially the joints, bones and chest cavity.

X-ray is particularly helpful for diagnosing common bone injuries and diseases, such as fractures, bone infections and arthritis. It also helps diagnose common conditions of the lungs and chest, such as infection, emphysema and fluid accumulation. It's fast and easy, especially in emergency diagnosis and treatment situations. Most procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis.

How to prepare for an X-ray

Wear easy-to-remove clothing as you may be asked to undress partially for the exam. Leave your valuables at home or be prepared to store them in one of the secure dressing room lockers. Remove any jewelry that would distort the X-ray (for example, for a chest X-ray, remove necklaces or chains).

Empty your bladder unless otherwise instructed by your doctor or technologist. Your X-ray may last up to 30 minutes.

What to expect during the exam

Our staff members take special care to ensure you are relaxed and as comfortable as possible. We provide an environment designed to eliminate any anxiety you might have during the process.

Following your exam, your physician will contact you to discuss the results. If there are areas of concern that may require additional images, you will be notified either by phone or letter.

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