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Same-Day Surgery and Early Discharge

Having surgery doesn’t always mean putting your life on hold. At Adventist Health, many patients go home the day of their procedure.

Our general surgeons use techniques that are gentler on your body, so it’s safe for you to leave the hospital sooner. Throughout your care journey, we’re committed to maximizing your health and peace of mind.

Expert surgical services

At Adventist Health, you receive care from trusted general surgeons, many with decades of experience. Our experts use research-based methods and maintain high quality standards. These efforts keep your care moving forward, so you can get back to your busy life.

What to expect from same-day surgery and early discharge

Planning for an early discharge starts well before your surgery. And our efforts to keep your recovery on track extend beyond leaving the hospital.

Highlights of our program include:

Careful assessment

Surgeons perform a thorough evaluation to determine the type of surgery that’s best for your needs. These efforts also include confirming whether you are eligible for early discharge.

Pre-operative education

We explain what to expect and how you and family caregivers can prepare. The team also shares information on important topics like pain control.

Take the next steps in preparing for surgery. Our general surgery FAQ is a great place to start. You may also wish to learn more by reading about what to expect.

Personalized preparation

We provide detailed self-care instructions for the days leading up to surgery. If you are on blood thinners, you will be instructed to stop taking them a few days before your procedure.

For gastrointestinal surgery, you drink a special recovery beverage a few hours before your procedure. This drink promotes healing, making it easier to get back on solid foods after surgery.

Advanced surgical techniques

Minimally invasive techniques, including laparoscopic and robotic surgery, help make same-day surgery possible. These techniques include small incisions and less bleeding, so you don’t need strong medication to stay comfortable while recovering.

Attentive recovery services

Our hospital-based team is at your bedside regularly after you wake up. They perform tests to make sure your recovery is progressing. They also help you get up and moving safely within the first few hours. You may even be able to start eating before leaving the hospital.

Follow-up care

We stay in touch after you leave the hospital. Within a day or two, one of our nurses calls you at home to check your progress and answer questions. Most patients see the surgeon for a follow-up visit within a few weeks. You are welcome to call us anytime you have questions.

Is early discharge right for me?

Your surgeon will consider the type of procedure you need and your overall health in determining whether you are eligible for early discharge. Another factor is whether you have someone who can help you out at home in the early stages of recovery.

This option is often available to people having:

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