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Computerized Tomography Cat Scan

With Rideout's goal of the highest patient care possible we selected two systems that lead the industry while focusing on exactly that. Using state of the art technology for metal artifact reduction, iterative reconstruction algorithms, adaptive collimation and countless integrated safety measures we deliver the highest quality images while lowering radiation dose.

Aquiline ONE 640 Slice:


Aquilion PRIME 160 Slice:


Aquilion ONE 640 Slice

This advanced diagnosis imaging system revolutionizes patient care because it reduces diagnosis time for life threating disease like stroke and heart disease. The AQ One CT system can scan organs including heart, brain and others in one rotation. This reduces exam time as well as radiation dose to the patient. It has new built in feature the AIDR 3D enhanced for best image quality and reduces the dose to the patient. SEMAR (single energy metal artifact reduction) reduces metallic artifact improving visualization of implants and supporting bones. We are excited to offer additional protocols of brain perfusion and dynamic joint CT.

Aquilion PRIME 160 Slice

The industry's only 80 detector row CT scanner. With the technology of the Aquilion ONE, the PRIME is capable of reconstructing 160 unique slices with every rotation of the gantry and incorporates a host of ergonomic and automated features to streamline productivity and deliver the highest quality images while lowering radiation dose. Sporting a large 78cm bore and the industry's widest couch at 47cm this camera can accommodate patients up to 660Lbs.