heart treatment procedures

Cardiac Emergency Services

Rapid Diagnosis

Emergency care for heart and vascular patients begins even before the patient arrives at Adventist Health Glendale (AHGL). All City of Glendale Fire Department and LA County paramedic units are equipped with a sophisticated 12-lead EKG device. This equipment allows physicians at AHGL's emergency room to actually diagnose a heart attack while the patient is en route to the medical center.

With earlier diagnosis, emergency room physicians and staff are able to prepare a treatment plan for the patient that begins the moment he or she arrives. This rapid diagnosis can save lives and minimize damage to the heart muscle.

AHGL has several programs in place which help patients get the fastest treatment possible for heart attacks.

Chest Pain Center

The Chest Pain Center is an accreditation awarded to a handful of U.S. hospitals by the American College of Cardiology for Chest Pain Center Accreditation. This means that AHGL has met the society's strict requirements for everything from treatment facility design to specialized training of emergency personnel to fast diagnosis and treatment. AHGL has been awarded Version 6 of Chest Pain Center Accreditation —the highest accreditation possible for the treatment of chest pain.

STEMI Receiving Center

AHGL is designated as a STEMI (heart attack) receiving center (SRC) by Los Angeles County Emergency Services. As an SRC, when emergency medical personnel confirm a heart attack/STEMI diagnosis, they will bypass other non-SRC hospitals and bring a patient directly to the AHGL emergency room for treatment. Additionally, we are a base station for Glendale's paramedic service, which means we know exactly where cardiac patients are and when they will arrive at the hospital.

For a referral to a AHGL cardiologist, call (818) 409-8000. ​​​​