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Adventist Health’s mission “Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope”, means that we partner with our communities to live a healthy life — physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.

At Adventist Health Glendale, this partnership translates into continuously striving to provide our community with programs and services that improve the quality of life and address health problems. One such program is supporting community participation in research.

Adventist Health Glendale abides by Federal regulations, state laws, and policies and procedures developed to protect human research participants.

Research participation is supported through our human research protection program which includes:

Adventist Health Glendale’s Office of Integrated Research (OIR)

Mission Statement: Sharing God’s love with the community by connecting clinicians and patients to new and innovative medical treatment options in the pursuit of improving quality of life through the progression of medicine.

What is the OIR?

The OIR is a department of Adventist Health Glendale hospital which has its offices on the hospital campus. Physicians in the community collaborate with the OIR to conduct clinical trials on campus. Patients who participate in clinical trials receive cutting edge medical care and may be able to gain access to treatments, procedures, or medications in a clinical trial that would not otherwise be available. To find out if you are a good candidate for a current research trial, call us at (818) 409-8009.

Adventist Health Glendale’s Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Mission Statement: To protect human research participants by ensuring that:

  • The rights and welfare of human research participants are adequately protected.
  • Research is guided by the ethical principles of the Belmont Report with regards to respect for persons, beneficence, and justice.
  • Research complies with applicable laws and regulations regardless of whether the research is participant to Federal regulations or the source of sponsorship.

What is the IRB?

The Adventist Health Glendale Institutional Review Board reviews and approves all clinical trials involving human participants conducted at Adventist Health Glendale. This review is based on adopted ethical mandates to protect human research participants as set forth in the Belmont Report, the Common Rule, the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki. All human subject research conducted by or under the auspices of Adventist Health Glendale is in accordance with federal regulations, state, and local laws. The IRB also abides by Adventist Health policies and IRB guidance and procedures. If you need assistance or have questions regarding research, please call us at (818) 409-8522 or email

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