Grateful Patient Stories

Many patients at Adventist Health Glendale (AHGL) have something special to say about their experience with us. Whether it is the advanced treatment they received from our skilled physicians, the life-saving intervention they received from one of our centers of excellence or the thorough, gentle care provided by our nurses or therapists, our mission to provide healing and wellness for the whole person shines through each of their experiences.

Here are a few of their stories...

Bliss's Story


As a recent graduate from UCLA preparing for a role as a substitute teacher in her childhood school district, power lifter Bliss Saleebyan found herself at the perfect moment in life. Then, in the early months of winter, the 19-year-old was faced with an unsettling reality: cancer.

Read more about Bliss's uplifting and inspiring journey through her cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Deborah's Story

Deborah H., an active business professional, will tell you that the Comprehensive Stroke Center at AHGL is the reason why she’s healthy and thriving today.

Watch the video below to see her amazing story.

Peter's Story


Usually, West Covina resident Peter Hsu would be at home on a Sunday afternoon. But on Jan. 4, while visiting his daughter and grandchildren in Glendale, Peter began showing signs of a stroke.

Read more about how AHGL's Comprehensive Stroke Center helped save Peter's life to get him back to his golf game.

Julie's Story

Julie recently gave birth to twins at AHGL. See how the state-of-the-art Giraffe Omnibeds in AHGL's NICU helped save the lives of her infants and fulfill her dream of being a mom to two healthy babies.

Stay tuned for more stories coming soon!

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