Wound Care

Comprehensive care to help wounds heal

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Millions of Americans suffer each year from chronic wounds that do not heal. Those suffering from diabetes, poor circulation or other health conditions are often at a higher risk for nonhealing wounds.

The Wound Care Center at Adventist Health Glendale an evaluation and treatment program tailored to your specific needs. Our goals are to heal wounds fast and to save limbs whenever possible. The wound care team also emphasizes patient education on effective wound management and how to prevent reoccurrence.

We provide the following services:

  • Evaluation and wound assessment: The entire wound site is carefully and thoroughly examined.
  • Treatment plan: Patients benefit from an individualized care plan created by an interdisciplinary team of physicians. These wound care experts include nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians specializing in plastic surgery, infectious diseases, vascular surgery, podiatry, internal medicine and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • Education: An education and assistance plan is developed for patients that includes information on caring for wounds at home, nutrition tips and guidelines for patients to help their healing process.

The Wound Care Center is located on the main floor of Adventist Health Glendale’s East Tower.