neurology care


With the rapid evolution of neurosurgical techniques, Adventist Health Glendale's (AHGL) Neuroscience Institute is proud to offer a wide spectrum of general neurosurgery treatment options, including computer-assisted or image-guided neurosurgery.

Image-guided neurosurgery uses a powerful computer system to help neurosurgeons locate tumors or other abnormalities. With this technology, neurosurgeons plan each step of the procedure by reviewing different views of problem areas on computer monitors to make sure they avoid important structures like the optic nerve or brain stem during surgery. Additionally, during image-guided neurosurgery, the movement of instruments inside the brain can be tracked on a monitor, thus avoiding damage to healthy tissues.

At AHGL, image-guided technology also allows for virtual brain surgery on a computerized workstation prior to actual brain surgery.

Areas of Expertise

The neurosurgery program offers comprehensive consultation, evaluation and treatment of patients with neurological disorders or those with diseases of central or peripheral nervous systems. General and subspecialty care is available. AHGL neurosurgeons specialize in treating many conditions, including:

  • A weak or thin spot in a blood vessel in the brain (cerebral aneurysm)
  • Narrowing of the carotid artery (carotid stenosis)
  • Narrowing of arteries in the brain (intracranial stenosis)
  • Stroke, or damage to the brain from interruption of blood supply
  • Abnormally formed blood vessels in the brain or spinal cord that resemble a mulberry (cavernous malformations)
  • Abnormal connections between arteries and veins in the spinal column (spinal vascular malformations)
  • Build-up of plaque leading to narrowing of the arteries in the brain (intracranial atherosclerotic disease)
  • Bleeding between the membranes of the brain (subarachnoid hemorrhage)
  • Blood clots in the sinuses that drain blood from the brain (venous sinus thrombosis)
  • Brain tumors, including malignant or benign tumors

For a referral to an AHGL neurosurgeon, call (818) 409-8000.