Howard Hero: Claudia Petruncio, MD

Apr 4, 2022


We have another Howard Hero to share with our community this week and this one we are very excited about! This month our March Howard Hero is Claudia Petruncio, MD. Dr. Petruncio has over 30 years of experience in Internal Medicine. She cares for her patients with a wide range of needs as she works to diagnose and treat conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, hypertension (high blood pressure), osteoporosis, chronic pain and many other conditions. We are lucky to have her!

Dr. Petruncio had seven really stellar nominations from our staff and her patients speaking highly of her treatment methods, her excellent care and her wonderful work she does to serve our community.

Dr. Petruncio was honored for our values of “Be Love” and “Be a Force for Good”. Love matters. We treat ourselves with love and care so that we are free to love and care for others. We are trustworthy, forgiving freely and finding common ground. We are also courageous and take action, whether it is through our position or our passion, working to impact our community for the better.

Time and time again Dr. Petruncio were nominated for the great healthcare experiences she is providing to our community. One of her nominations read, “Dr. Petruncio is a wonderful doctor. She’s knowledgeable and professional in every way, takes the time to listen to concerns as options are thoroughly discussed and her empathy and sense of humor add to her excellence.”

Dr. Petruncio, in many of her nominations, is also mentioned as including the patient in their visits and care. “Dr. Petruncio takes the time to listen to you and your family members’ thoughts or concerns on care. She listens to the patient rather than navigating the computer making the visit very patient centered.”

We are so grateful to have such an attentive, caring physician on our team at Adventist Health Howard Memorial. Dr. Petruncio is an asset to our community and force for good for her patients and team that admire her greatly for her work.

Thank you, Dr. Petruncio for all you do to provide the highest quality care for our patients and create an environment of love, trust and admiration among our staff in your work.