Salary & Benefits

Compensation packages are updated each year on January 1.

The total annual compensation package includes all bonuses, reimbursements, incentives for boards and other materials. Medical license and board exam reimbursement varies by specialty.

Total compensation of salary + possible incentives $83,700 $86,200 $89,900 $88,700 (OB/GYN only) $92,900
Salary ($10,000 housing stipend included) $82,000 $85,500 $88,000 $91,000
(USMLE includes application fee and online charges, fee differs for MD, DO and DPM) $1,000 if passed on first try within 6 months of the start of PGY-1
California Training Medical License (Reimbursement expense only) $674 (MD)
$540 (DO)
$249 (DPM)
DEA (Reimbursement expense only) $888
Educational Materials $700 $700 $700 $700
Board Prep (Reimbursement expense only) $600 (excluding OB/GYN) $600
End of Training bonus (three and four year programs only) Taken upon first eligibility (One-time bonus) Taken upon first eligibility (One-time bonus) $1,000 for completion of SA/QI curriculum and proof of Board passage.
$200 additional if scores are shared
End-of-training bonus with proof of Boards taken upon first eligibility (one-time bonus) and Scholarly Activity/Quality Improvement curriculum completion and project(s).
$1,000 for completion of SA/QI curriculum and proof of Board passage.
$200 additional if scores are shared (OB/GYN only)

Additional Benefits

Resident benefits also include:

  • Call rooms — We have individual and private call rooms, either with private showers or shower-adjacent, for all residents on-call. Each call room is equipped with a computer.
  • Day care — We offer day care services on-site for children 2 to 5 years old at a reasonable rate.
  • Electronic medical records
  • Housing — Housing is available on hospital grounds. Most residents live in nearby communities of Pasadena, Glendale or Monterey Park.
  • Internet access, e-mail, and access to DynaMed + Micromedex
  • Lab coats — Residents receive three lab coats during orientation and one each year thereafter at no charge.
  • Lounge — Residents have access to their own lounge with a kitchen area and workroom. The resident lounge also has several computer work areas, flat screen TVs, mailboxes, copier, lounging area, and meeting table and chairs.
  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Meals — All meals are provided free of charge in the hospital restaurant, up to a total of $32 per 24 hours (one day). Refrigerators in the resident and operating room physician lounges are also stocked with food items.
  • Notary services
  • Parking — Secured, gated parking is provided to all house staff free of charge.
  • Payroll — Direct deposit
  • Plan coverage — We provide health and dental plans for residents and their immediate family. Malpractice coverage, state disability and life insurance are also included.
  • Time off — 4 weeks

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