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Helping you maintain a healthy heart

Welcome to the Heart and Vascular Care Center at Adventist Health White Memorial. Our center offers services that range from preventive care to the latest treatments, featuring some of the most cutting-edge technology. 

Treating body & soul

The Heart and Vascular Care Center offers not only advanced technology and skilled physicians and staff, but also a warm operative environment. Each patient is treated with care, dignity and respect.

Our heart care services include:

Cardiac emergency services

At Adventist Health, we understand that a cardiac emergency needs to be addressed right away with the proper care. Our highly trained team is prepared to assist you with any heart-related emergency you are facing.

Using advanced tools and equipment, we provide rapid diagnoses to prevent further heart damage. From the moment you arrive at the Adventist Health White Memorial emergency room, we will begin developing an effective treatment plan based on your symptoms and diagnosed condition.

Quality care

High-quality care isn't subjective; it can be measured. The Heart and Vascular Care Center at Adventist Health White Memorial compares itself against national standards for patient care quality and safety.

One way is through a voluntary three-year program run by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) along with 360 other hospitals nationwide. The program tracks how well hospitals follow recommended standards of care for heart attack, congestive heart failure and coronary artery bypass surgery — called "core measures."

The Heart and Vascular Care Center consistently strives to reach 100 percent of these CMS core measures.

Additionally, the center participates in the American College of Cardiology registry, which helps us compare our cardiac outcomes with similar hospitals throughout the country. Our medical center also participates in a variety of other quality measurement databases.

If you need a physician or specialist for any reason, please contact our Physician Referral number at (323) 265-5050.