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Outpatient Speech-Language Therapy

Renowned care from highly qualified speech-language pathologists

Restoring function to adults with acquired impairments in communication, cognition, voice and swallowing is the goal of our licensed speech-language pathologists (therapists). Comprehensive services are provided by our caring and professional clinicians.

Comprehensive services

Our therapists offer expertise in many areas related to speech, language, cognition, voice and swallowing. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Swallowing disorders
  • Speech-language disorders
  • Voice disorders
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Head and neck cancer intervention for speech and swallowing disorders

Specialty services provided

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment

This is a specialized program for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Research has documented that Lee Silverman Voice Treatment is an effective treatment for the voice and speech problems unique to patients with Parkinson’s disease, such as soft voice and a “mumbling” quality to the speech. Specially certified speech-language pathologists provide this treatment. Visit www.lsvtglobal.com for more information.

VitalStim Therapy

This specialized, FDA-approved swallowing treatment involves neuromuscular electrical stimulation to the swallowing muscles combined with swallowing exercises. It is beneficial in improving the strength and safety of patients’ swallow function. VitalStim may also benefit patients currently reliant on tube-feeding. Specially certified speech-language pathologists provide this treatment. Visit www.vitalstimtherapy.com for more information.

Who could benefit from speech therapy services?

Individuals with a diagnosis of the following:

  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Aspiration pneumonia
  • Dementia
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Swallowing difficulty (dysphagia)
  • Voice disorders, including misuse, overuse and/or injury
  • Cerebral palsy, COPD or unknown etiology/causes
  • Neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and ALS

Warning signs of swallowing problems:

  • Coughing during meal time
  • Choking on liquids or food
  • Pocketing food in the mouth
  • Food falling from the mouth

Warning signs of cognitive decline include difficulty with:

  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Problem solving
  • Orientation (becoming confused easily)

If you or your loved one have these symptoms of swallowing problems or cognitive decline, please contact your physician.

Insurance coverage

Most insurances cover outpatient speech therapy evaluation and treatment. We also accept private pay. If you have questions regarding coverage for outpatient speech therapy, please check with your insurance provider.

How do I begin speech therapy?

  • Obtain a prescription from your physician for speech therapy evaluation and treatment
  • Fax your prescription to (805) 955-6068
  • Call outpatient scheduling at (805) 955-6122 to schedule an appointment

To contact a speech pathologist, please call (805) 955-6418.

Qualifications of a speech-language pathologist

  • Master’s degree or higher in communication disorders
  • Continued professional development for maintenance of the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP)
  • Membership in ASHA, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association

Advanced practice certification

Advanced practice certifications require course work and lab experience to determine competency in specialized approaches to care and treatment. Advanced certifications of our team include:

  • VitalStim
  • Lee Silverman Voice Treatment