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Foot and Ankle Treatments

Our quality of life is closely tied to our feet. Foot and ankle pain can interfere with mobility and slow you down. The orthopedists and podiatrists at Adventist Health understand. We work with you to get the treatment you need to enjoy an active life free from pain.

Complete treatment for foot pain

The causes of foot, ankle and heel pain can be complicated. Pain the in the feet stems from a variety of problems with bones, ligaments, muscle, skin, nerves or blood vessels. Adventist Health’s multidisciplinary team of orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists work together to provide expert diagnosis and treatment.

If your pain is caused by a problem in bones, muscles or ligaments, you’ll see one of our expert orthopedic surgeons. If you have a skin, nerves or a blood vessel issue, a podiatrist can help.

All of our foot pain specialists use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose your condition. Once we know what’s causing your pain, we talk to you about your treatment options.

Not all foot and ankle pain requires surgery. Whenever possible, we recommend nonsurgical treatments such as:

  • Pain and anti-inflammatory medications: We can provide oral pain medication or administer medication via injections.
  • Orthopedicrehabilitation: This includes physical therapy and occupational therapy, as well as other treatments.
  • Foot orthotics: Custom-made orthotics can support proper alignment and foot health. They also provide pain relief for certain conditions.

Sometimes surgery is necessary to relieve foot pain. If your orthopedic surgeon recommends surgery, know you’re in the best hands. We regularly perform foot and ankle surgeries such as:

  • Foot and ankle arthroscopy: This minimally invasive procedure is used for diagnosis and treatment. The doctor makes a small incision and inserts a thin tool with a camera on it to view the area during surgery.
  • Ankle joint replacement: The ankle joint can be completely replaced with an artificial joint.
  • Foot and ankle revision surgery: A revision surgery can correct a previous surgery, replace implants that have worn out or break up scar tissue.

Whatever your treatment, Adventist Health makes sure your orthopedic care is seamless. Your recovery is always our first priority.

Our nurse navigators provide in-depth information for all patients about how to prepare for surgery as well as what to expect during and after the procedure. Our surgical seminars give you the information you need to have the best experience — and results — possible.

You’re not alone once your surgery is over. We follow up with you to help prevent complications and speed healing. You’ll work with the same team before and after surgery, so you know exactly who to turn to with any questions or concerns.

Complete orthopedic care

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